Finishing Sander Reviews: Bosch 1293D

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I need to use a powered sander to sand flat a large area on my boat deck that has a very slight curve (long story, don't want to get into it). I was using a combination of a long sand board and a 6" random orbital sander (also from Bosch) to sand down the epoxy/fairing compound. The long sand board is very labor intensive, and I cannot rely on the 6" random orbital sander to make sure I can sand the area flat because it is relatively small for the area. This 1/2 sheet sander covers a lot more area than the 6" random orbital sander, and I have a higher confidence that the area will be flat when I sand it with this sander.

Now, I still need to use the long sanding board to make sure the overall area is flat. But I find myself use it less than before and this is a good thing because using that long sanding board is very labor intensive. Honestly the 6" random orbital sander probably can remove material faster than this sander. But as long as this is the powered tool does the work and not me, I am fine with that (I don't do this for a living anyway).

What I really like are: (1) 1/2 sheet is large and can cover a lot more area than a 6" sand disc. (2) It comes with a holes-template (hole-puncher) to punch holes on stored bought sandpaper in one pass. (2) I can use regular sandpapers from local store, no need to mail order sand discs (more convenient and probably cost less). (3) It filters out dusts very effectively, and I don't need to use my noisy shop-vac (I still wear face mask though). (4) I don't need to use that long sanding board as often as before. (5) It is not noisy.

I just like it!

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Combination of hard pad and dust collection make this the best half sheet. I've used the Makita, Milwaukee, and Porter Cable and they can't match up for finish sanding. Good reliable product that sands flat and won't round at the edges/corners. I reecommend it atop the rest.